Thursday, February 14, 2013

Playing in the slums

  Well I keep getting a little healthier day by day.  I am not sure when NyQuil becomes an addiction but I think I am going to find out.
I made this double wide slum habitat for some city in the corner of the galaxy.  I am not sure who this mini is from. I got it off e-bay some time ago. He just blasted threw the door.
   I like the flats and think they are somewhat useful. It is nice to have an unlimited supply for sure.

  I am going to ponder some odds and ends.

  First off, the hobby in general.  I got to admit that wargaming has become confusing for me. There is so much coming so fast that it seems impossible to be part of all of it. So it seems easier to be part of none of it. Lately I can muster no enthusiasm for the latest new product line. And my finances could not do it if I wanted to.

  Kickstarter is running amok. Every few seconds there is a new product to pre-purchase. There are new rules to learn, new fluff to read and new armies to collect and paint. This is a golden time to be in the hobby for sure.

  Unless you already have a huge collection of models and rules you still like from the bygone era.

  I just realized how long it has been since I played Squad Leader. Or Fantasy Rules! by Chipco. And why did I make an Army Builder file for Warhamer 3rd edition? Just to throw it aside along with years of painting so I can run out like some easily manipulated consumer?

  So expect a few posts about crap most people could care less about. I simply can not muster enough enthusiasm to tweet all my friends about some all new Gate of Antares or whatever.  I do fondly remember playing Red Barricades and a host of other old gems that deserve to be dusted off once in a while.

  My current wargaming project is to base up a lot of 1/72 scale WW2 models, scan and massively enlarge my Squad Leader maps, and then combine the best of both worlds. If possible I am going to make a couple of sc-fi models to go along with them.

  Once my Reaper kickstarter pile of goodies arrive,  ( I know, I was weak and it was just that one time)  I am going to run some games of Chipco Fantasy Rules! at a local shop. It is the finest fantasy rule set ever. It only needs a couple of tweaks to be perfect. There is a strong likelihood I am going to make a few models of a generic nature for Chipco or other games. Whatever I happen to feel like throwing in to the collection.

  In the meantime there is still slot car racing. This hobby has been soaking up most of my attention.

  I plan to make a few more products for it someday. Here is my new track upgraded to 1/24 scale. It is digital and can run 6 cars at a time. Mostly 2 lanes wide but one section is opened up to 4 lanes wide.  I am tinkering around with converting static models to slot cars.
 These are some of my latest projects.  I find it the ultimate walk down memory lane because I have driven both of these cars at one time.

  And with a lucky lottery ticket will once again.

  Have a great weekend folks. And maybe take a moment to revisit an old favorite.


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  2. The mini in the first pic is a Corporation Trooper with Grenade launcher, from the game "Shockforce" released by the now defunct "Demonblade Games". It's roots go even further back as before Demonblade bought the minis line, expanded it and wrote Shockforce, it was part of a series called "K-Force" A 40k knock-off line from Grenadier miniatures.

    As an aside Shockforce is a great and flexible set of Sci-Fantasy rules based on the "Warengine" rules system which are still available from the Warengine yahoo group.