Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays to All!

  Hello again everyone. It has been sometime since I posted anything of use. Mostly because I had nothing really to report.  :(  

  Actually it has been a pretty good year, and I got a lot to be cheerful about. I know some people have had horrible times and I hope they can dig out and have a better one next year. Keep plugging away and it all works itself out.  Sometimes it seems like it never will, but it does.

  I am almost bursting with news that I wish to spill but I have to wait till it works out before I can post it.  Good things are on the way folks, and I thank those who have been supporting me.

 I was really planning on my next post being a release of something new, but I have been so busy making piles of plastic parts I have not had time to run anything new on the mill. That is going to change because I plan on getting some help in the shop. That's right-employees! OK, they are also my 2 teenage daughters who are pretty reluctant. But since I can cut off their cell phone service at any time, I think I can motivate them.

   So have a very Happy Holiday everyone. It is really a great time to be alive and a pretty nice planet to hang out on. The rest of the ones in our solar system are crappy, so we lucked out! And those Mayans were wrong. So we got until the next apocolypse to set back and relax.

Merry Christmas world.   And "Mr. Claus", thanks for all the orders. I am working on them right now!