Friday, May 13, 2011

Snakes again

  Been working quite a bit, and as usual spreading myself too thin. I spent some time working on 2 new tank molds, I hope to have them up soon. I have also been battling snakes. This is my little "Zen" garden I built outside of the barn. I find it a nice place to relax. Sadly, snakes feel this way also and I spend most summers battling to rid myself of them. This year a very elusive monster comes slithering out of the water and suns himself on a rock. I have a small pellet gun with a range of about 8 feet it seems and he always gets away. I will prevail at some point.
   Besides working on more 15mm tanks, I got some work done on 28mm sci fi troopers. I hope to be cutting this mold next. This is my most challenging mold so far. I had trouble with the hair, so I left them shaved. They are after all female militia, the planets very last line of defense.
  This type of mold requires a complex parting line- like this.

  Still learning as I go, but if I can get this sorted it will go a long way towards making available all the minis I ever wanted but no one else made!   And, as if my plate was not full enough, I have really been delving into 1/32 slot cars. And there are quite a few not being made... so.....
  The old Cyclone is on my to do list.      I will keep pushing away and boring folks with info about how to make your own stuff on a shoestring budget in your back yard.

 Have a nice weekend.   :)