Thursday, June 26, 2014

Some time off for good behavior........or something like that.

  It has been some time since I last posted, and not a lot has occurred. I have been actually doing 2 things of late. Firstly trying to get me head around what I am supposed to do about complying with all the crap I have to regarding government regulations. I made a little video to illustrate this point:

  I apologize for sounding a bit too Patrick Henry and all, but simply put I will never put myself in a position from which I can not recover. I am not in any way attempting to avoid paying my fair share,  ( OK, that phrase usually makes me ill...)  it is just trying to determine what that is and what forms need filed takes too much effort and money.  As mentioned in a previous post I finally got an accountant. He developed some health problems and left me feeling a bit lost and bewildered. I hired some ace QuickBooks person to come over and purchased the top of the line accounting software. To be honest at this point I am supremely frustrated..... it should not be this costly and time consuming.  And the veiled threat of the iron fist of the IRS is looming behind everything. They wield ultimate power.  If  Darth Vader had the One Ring he would still pale in comparison to their omnipotence.

  The second thing I have been doing is waiting for the kick starter fad to sort itself out. I know I piss off a lot of people with my overly open assessment of things,  but this one has me confused a bit. It seems to me that it makes no sense.  Again I find myself bewildered and I made another video to illustrate the point;

  I know a lot of people simply LOVE kick starter.  For me personally it seems ludicrous, so I am setting and watching. If it is here to stay and the future of the industry it might make sense for me to accept that fact and move on to something else.

  I am still working on things as time allows and shipping orders as they come in. Bases are a steady seller, but other stuff not so much.  There are a couple of odds and ends in the final stages of completion and as soon as I find some time and ambition I will get them released.  Some pretty odd ideas have been bouncing around my head and I have not had the time to get them finalized.

  Anyhow, wanted to drop a line and say I am still alive.  Just enjoying the summer weather and trying to keep my paper work all sorted. 

  Have a great 4th of July. Enjoy some fireworks and eat a few hot dogs.