Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Personal Log....sometime in the summer......

  I just thought it would be a worth while to mention the fact that I am still around if not really accomplishing much. I am anxiously awaiting the postman to bring me that 3d printer. There has simply been too many failed molds due to a lack of having a physical model to preview before commiting.  I could send out the stuff to get printed but that runs into money really fast. In the meantime I am back in the work force and that is quite an adjustment too. The amount of new information to collate has taxed my brain to the breaking point.  Today it rained hard all day and I really missed working in the barn and listening to the rain beat on the tin roof. But, I do not miss the crazy roller coaster of total insecurity.  Everything has positives and negatives.
  So when the 3d printer gets here I am really excited to try out some new things. I think there will be a lot less items but they will be better in the future.  I really need to work on some 28mm stuff but each piece will be printed out to check size and fitment before I waste any work on milling it out.  I think back on the troll, the conscript woman's militia and several other things that could have used some prototyping.  Soon, this will be a possibility.

  While waiting I spent some time indulging in hobbies;

A plan and some particle board.....
A little paint and some blue cardboard.

Becomes 68 feet of racing fun in 1/32 scale.

  It is a fun diversion for sure. I practiced some resin casting and made this 1969 Nova SS in 1/32 scale. The junk yard pressure pot and vacuum chamber worked pretty well. It is odd but a lot of resin guys ask me about getting into plastic injection and I am now leaning towards resin casting. I guess the grass is always greener..........

  I even managed to stop some of  those accursed snakes from making out. These 3 have killed their last goldfish, that's for sure. This was after the hydra fight.

  My ducklings grew wings and left. Little jerks, after all I did for them. I think it was due to the snakes. Facing this every day can not be fun for them.

  Add in mulching and yard work and that about takes care of the past few weeks.  I hope to have some news about this printer soon, I have been waiting for a month. When I get it I will offer a full review from a hobbyist perspective in case anyone else is in the market.

  Well, thats all for now. Have a good summer and enjoy some conventions while you are at it.