Tuesday, May 24, 2016

More show info

  Sorry, but I should have provided a link to the show-  http://mfcashow.com/

 And while I am at it, a few pics my brother took!

  That is about all the awesomeness I can take for one weekend!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


 Hello again.
 The mystery word is "AUTO". A setting on any machine that deserves the fullest respect.

 But more importantly-

 Minutes ago I walked in the door from the miniature figure show at Valley Forge. I am going to post a bunch of photos which have humbled me as a painter for sure! There would be more pictures if my photography was not so shaky. Darn it I wished some of these had turned out better.

  There were plenty of vehicles on display. I really liked the ferry built to invade England and of course the tank diorama is a timeless classic.



  The dioramas or vignettes on display were really epic. You could look for hours and see something new. The artists were putting little details in that I was in awe of. Look at the coverings on the jousting horses.


  Look close at these hand painted details. These knights were about 54mm scale, but still plenty small enough to make these sort of details amazing.

  There were  also a lot of busts with great creative artwork on them. The German soldier's binoculars are so realistic with weathering.

  Some 40K stuff was also in the competition.

  Chariots with some impressive bling. The hand painted Medusa face on the Greek chariot took some effort. All of the hand painted Persian rug and plaid stuff was really impressive.

  And of course some fantasy stuff.

  Very inspiring.

  In addition I recently downloaded the entire set of 9th Age rules and printed them out. Maybe it is time to dust of some minis and try it out!

   Since re-prioritizing my time to make more time in the shop almost everything has made a dramatic improvement. The Arburg is up next and I am rewiring and replacing all of the heating controls. Right now it is a chaotic pile of wires with no hope of repair, pretty much an average day.

   All of the other equipment has been cleaned and refurbished. The EDM has all of the missing safety components in place. This Maker space is really starting to gel.

  I will post more progress when I can. All the pieces are coming together, so things are looking great.

  Have a good spring!