Friday, December 7, 2018

Another year already?

  Hi again.

  I ran in to an old friend and he reminded me that my blog has been stale. I tend to drop pics on Facebook but some people are not using social media so here is some of the same info again.

  First off, the car is a definite go.  Unbelievably it actually works. Been learning more about printing decals and have a box of decal paper ready to go. Also practicing masking off things to get sharp lines. Here is the final race version layout.

   The driver mold is finished and the guy looks to mean business.

  Going to buying  a lot of chassis to be able to provide them as ready to run cars as well as kits.

  So this is the only one of its kind right now. They told me you can not get that car, because no one makes them and never will.  The amount of work expended was ludicrous, but it made sense at the time...................

   This model is one of about 5 I want for my personal use and the next few years I will be making all of them.  It may just  be an American thing, but guys in particular have an attachment to the cars we drove as kids.  I remember riding along and hearing the latest hit by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.....................

  On my OTHER hobby, I think I have finally recovered from the shock of Age of Sigmar.  After several years of not having much interest in minis gaming I have become enamored by 9th Age.  It is not hyperbole to say these are the greatest rules since the 10 Commandments.   They are all free!Reading them now and planning to roll some dice in the new year.  If things go as planned I will be even hitting some tourneys this summer.  There is a store a short drive away that has some players and it is nice to be excited about the hobby again. Here is a clip of the greeting I expect at the tourney.
    Not really, but that video always gives me energy to get up and keep going. 

   (Note to Dave- I can loan you an army if you want to play old school)

 So of course, since I have a custom slot car to race I need a custom miniatures army to game with.  And the graphite keeps cranking out.

  I call these the "Brides of Set".  They are wearing veils covering the lower face which I intend to paint with fangs.  This project is slowly moving ahead. Until something explodes.................

  How this works is the EDM machine can burn this block in to metal creating a negative cavity that will fill with plastic and create models. But the burning action erodes the graphite also. It is going to be tricky to see how much details transfer. If the graphite electrode becomes "dull" by erosion it can be placed back in the mill and sharpened. This is a steep learning curve and a slow and tedious process.  Sometimes it seems a bit too long and tedious...............

  Trying to get more done but only have my spare time. If you think finding time to paint an army is tough, try to find time to build one completely from scratch! But it will happen somehow. 

  Day job has me working in a machine shop environment and learning a lot about milling and lathe work.   It has been incredibly beneficial to see how things are supposed to be done. I just wish I had learned all this 10 years ago.

  So that wraps up the year. I hope everyone is settling in for the winter and ready to paint all the models Santa brings.

  Have a Great Holiday folks!