Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

  Hi everyone.

  I wanted to make a quick post and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Postings and new information has been a bit skimpy of late, but there is a good explanation.

  The last few months have been pretty busy even by my standards. I am back to working construction, and really not sure how. It just sort of evolved. This has left little time to make new products or even do any design work. Long hours in the cold, Carharts, and Advil.   Steel has gotten a lot heavier since I was in my 20's  BTW.  It has been very fortunate that this job came along when it did. The guys are great to work for and I needed the cash to prepare for the merciless pummeling leveled by the IRS next month.  Mordor has a less frightening enforcement agency. Reality is a harsh master and we all have to do what we got to do.

   The job is on an as-needed basis. Once the work gets caught up there will be plenty of time for more tinkering in the workshop. For the very immediate future there is only time to fill orders. So the new molds are setting and waiting. 

  In the meantime you are spared more of my opinions and factually ambiguous non-sense.

  So enjoy your Holiday, and be of good cheer. We made it through another year and we can all be glad for that.