Monday, February 4, 2013

News flash-story in a little while......

 Ok, I have been laying low and plotting global domination. Word has reached the U.N. and they have thwarted me with a global conspiracy.
 The result  is I must announce that I have stopped shipping international packages. In case you do not know this, the cost to ship overseas has gotten very costly. Overnight the price shot up more than 50% in many cases.
 My web-store is supposed to calculate the weight and give a price bases on location. It is not even close right now. I am getting killed and have essentially been giving stuff away. The webstore charges $11 and the post office hits me for $20+. 
  I stopped accepting E-bay bidders except for US and have disabled international shipping in the store until I can sort this out. Today I posted 2 of my lightest packs of bases in a bubble wrap mailer weighing a grand total of 3.8 ounces and it cost $9.45  to get to Europe.  I like selling stuff, but the shipping was more than the contents. And they were the lightest things I make!
   Once the online shipping calculator starts getting its act together I will resume international shipping. However, I honestly do not know how many people are going to want to pay that kind of cost.
  In the meantime work continues on various odds and ends. It is my goal to try to put something new out for my store every month of 2013. So far I put 2 new base sizes in the store in January and just missed getting the new building done.   I will make another run at an organic people mold soon, and this time it might be workable. The 28mm tank is going to take a LOT of work because this press is so small. It might be delayed until I can round up another scrap metal press that is a little larger. Regarding this,  I have to learn to keep my mouth shut a bit more.
     It seems that a few friends of mine have had some ideas poached by openly talking about their plans on forums and next thing you know- BAM! that idea is out there and they were SOA.
I am a bit more chapped than usual because my Holy Grail of models I have been wanting to make, ( and talking about to bored people every where) now has a kickstarter. And it is not my kickstarter. Talk about a real bummer. Well my girls are going to be making an appearance regardless someday. When, I can not say.
But I have been working on them.

In the next day or so I will have the final part to a new product ready to sell. I have been working on a 28mm building kit and so far it looks OK. I squeezed it in between little odds and ends I have been making.

  Ok, that is it for now. Going to assemble and paint a new building or 2 and take some pics before I put them in the store.

   Look for a post shortly.

  PS. Please understand I am going to get international shipping fixed someday, just right now it is crazy. Sorry if you are put off by this decision, I do not set shipping rates or run the online calculator. Will be back ASAP.

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