Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back in action

  Well the leg is still there so I figure I best get up and use it once in a while.  Back to making things and planning even more things.  I made some 15mm DBA bases and put them in the store. I also re-made the 40mm round base with a smooth finish to match the 60mm round. I want to define it and place both in the store.

  I sent all the infantry to a 3D printer and will wait till they get back before proceeding.  Also looking to do some odds and ends in resin. Like this cargo container and magnetic lift crane;
  This is going to mark an attempt at working in resin. It seems to be a better medium for stuff that will not sell to many copies.  They are sort of smallish and would make nice litter for my sci-fi troops to be splattered and die against in a game.

  Here is a concept of the new stalker tank;
  Yes it is a grav tank. No more limping around on tracks, it is full speed shoot and scoot.

  These items are based off designs by Richard Jeffries.

  Going to the Cold Wars show if they will let me in.  Will have an assortment of bases and with any luck the new crane. The tank is not likely, as this could be a bit of work to get done. I am trying to evolve into 28mm, simply because 15mm sci-fi is not as popular as it should be (in my opinion). Still planning to do some secretive non-sellable things in 15mm for my own use.   I recently had to try and figure out how to make something too big for my machine, and it can not be done. BUT, if I could sell a few thousand copies of a tank, I could make a 4 mold version of this tank in 28mm.  So that is what is most likely going to happen to the stalker tank here.
  A 28mm tank selling for $15-20 should be in my near future. After I get the infnatry sprues back from shapeways. I just wanted to see the proportions before commiting to cutting on a block.

  And in boring lifestyle news;
   I  have to give up the adolescent life of the video game player and return to productive work.  I wanted to give a last bit of advice to anyone playing Skyrim.
  The picture is Mjoll the Lioness. She is my new treasure carrier. Even ignoring the fact she looks like a cross between Braveheart and Bo Derek, and talks with a thick Bavarian accent, she is also immortal and simply a killing machine. The best follower in all of Skyrim. Lydia could get me into trouble, Mjoll also gets me into trouble but gets me out as well and leaves a trail of corpses in her wake.  Give her a few magic weapons and it gets scary.  However, avoid letting her carry any magic staffs unless you want to get them back out of charges. She opens up with a staff in each hand on any foe we meet, so I had to take them away from her.

  I know what you are thinking. Was Lydia's death an accident? Or simply a conveniant way to dispose of her and make room for Mjoll? 
   It's only a game.

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  1. Glad to hear you're up and at it again. I like the look of the crane and especially the cargo container. The new stalker looks good, too.

    As you go into 28mm, would you consider making some bigger (~120mm) round bases, perhaps with urban textures, that could be used for Zombie Horde bases?