Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exploring the options.......

  Well it has been too long since I last posted.  So here is what is happening.

  The parts came back from Shapeways and they were not good.  The legs were OK, and I was happy with the proportions.
 The arms looked too small. The guns were the worst. I knew gaming minis were a bit out of proportion but i never knew just how bad it was. I need to rework the models and give them ludicrous gun sizes.  You might notice the photos are a bit fuzzy. It is because shapeways is fuzzy. Everything looks like it is made out of lumpy pancake batter. And this is the frosted ultra detail. Wait till you see the regular stuff....

   My plan was to look into doing some resin stuff using the 3d printout as a master.  I spent the weekend plotting in the laboratory of Dr. Oogan's secret workshop.  It turns out this entire model is made of an extremely lumpy material that does not even sand well.  Sand off the lumps and find more lumps underneath.  Quite a let-down. Even the ultra stuff had a fuzziness to it that was very odd.  I am looking into a different 3d printing service that uses another type of process and will see how they look.

   Overall getting a real model in hand is vital before I commit to mill out out the mold. If I had cut out the figures I would have been stuck with puny guns. And we all know the best heroes carry huge guns like Dirty Harry.

  In the meantime I am busy making a new line of uniform bases. It may seem odd to spend time making bases, but I seem to sell a lot of them, and they are easier to make. The Mark 2 tank has been very unpopular but the bases sell by the pile. So, even though I do not want to be driven by money, it seems to be imperative that I limit non-selling specialty items to a small amount.

  The whole advantage of plastic is the ability to mass produce. That benefit vanishes when the sales volume is tiny for a particular item. Which is why I explored the option of resin casting.  Once I get some not lumpy printouts I am going to be offering some resin items for really oddball stuff.

  In the meantime, back to the drawing board as they say. This saying seems to always follow in the wake of crappy results. But, taking time to see the figures will make for a better mold when I start on it.

  I recently read a book called "Keep Going".  It seems to be a fitting title for days like this.

  More news on the models as it arrives.

   But now for important news. The tale of the ongoing struggle between my carefully hand built natural fish habitat and the filthy wildlife bent on despoiling it.  My fish have all been slain.  I looked behind the waterfall and beneath the lilies. Dead. All of them.

  Perhaps a more agressive fish could survive the dangers...... maybe the Pacu.

  Have a good day.




  1. Pity about the guns being too small. I guess it's one of those gamer things. That article about the Pacu is funny as hell. I wouldn't put those in my pond unless I had an oak nearby to keep them supplied with acorns. Apparently those fish need nuts, one way or another.

  2. Yeah, I have had fish break my string before, but never leave me castrated in a pool of my own blood. That thing is the baddest fish ever. Imagine the look of surprise on that mink's face.......

  3. Well your efforts towards basing have definitely been appreciated. You probably have the nicest plastic bases in existence.

    As for the Mk.II, I like the kit though it's a little tricky to get to fit right. Your problem is that most people will only buy up to five or six of them, and I imagine that there's not enough people looking for that sort of tank to make up your numbers.

  4. Try for your next print run, I find his stuff to be much better than shapeways. Also before you do any casting with them you will want to carefully prime them so you can see all the ridges from the printing and give them a careful scraping or sanding to get rid of them.

    You need a layer of primer to seal all the micro pores otherwise the parts will bind really badly with the silicone and removing them will be difficult if not impossible.

    If you need any help with the casting just shoot me an email. -Jon

  5. whoops, typo in the previous address:

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