Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Still not making progress

  Just a quick message to say I am not making any progress. The second procedure was a bit problematic and I am supposed to keep my leg above my heart. I have a budget desk chair that does not seem to have this adjustment like the more expensive models. So not making any headway for now, as setting in one spot is not allowed.  ( I did this anyway after the first treatment, but this time the doctor got my attention)   I canceled this weeks visit so I can get up and move about and do something.  Will have to re-schedule sometime in the future.
    I hope to have better progress to report once I get this stupid leg fixed. In case you are wondering- NEVER try and drive 600 miles without stopping. It can cause vein thrombosis which sucks to get fixed.

  In the meantime being bored, playing Skyrim, and watching football.  I killed Lydia, our relationship had turned sour.  She triggered too many traps. While sometimes it is amusing to watch her stumble into a swinging spiked gate over and over again, it is less amusing when she steps on an obvious trigger and drives rusty spikes through the top of my head.  The break point came when I carefully crept past a fortress wall lined with hostile enemy archers, only to look back after clearing the danger and see her pull out her bow and take a shot at one of them!  She died later as I tried to fire my bow at a zombie and she jumped into combat instead of staying out of the line of fire. It was a friendly fire incident, but one I was not grief stricken about.  Finally losing interest with Skyrim, but it is much better than most virtual games.

   Been thinking a bit about what to make in the future. These infantry models have been driving me crazy. Now I am trying to lay out the bits in the sprue and it seems the issue is the space between the parts. Should not be a problem, but it actually is the worst part. The parts you see when you get a model are the empty spaces in the mold that fill up. All the rest of it has to fit together just right. And when you are working with a series of parts with an organic parting line there has to be some sort of transition from one to the next.
     Here are 2 parts in the positions they should be on the sprue. The red is the parting plane where there has to be a good seal, while the green will be the parts obviously. Notice the transition from one part ot the next is quite drastic and very difficult to blend, while too small to simply cut away. I am going to have to lay out the sprue in a variety of ways to minimize this transitional problem before I commit to any cutting.  Once I try out a few layouts I will see what seems to work best.
   If I have a breakthrough I will post some good news.


  1. Oh, man. Be good to your leg. I'm glad your doc got your attention, and I hope the problem clears up fast.

    Sorry to hear about Lydia. It sounds like she died the way she would have wanted. :)

    Keep plugging away on the sprue positioning. I'm sure once you're well you'll be able to concentrate on fixing it up.

  2. Holy crap! I know what you are going through. This past summer I bumped my shin on the console in my car. Then again when I got out of the car. It went black and blue quickly. Now it just so happened to be the bottom of a very large vein, that sneaked all the way up to my groin. Ware it went across my thigh is was as thick as a garden hose (no Joke). Well the pain grew in my leg for a few days, till it shot up my groin. I was in the Doc having a vein scan, only to have the Doc say rest, and advil. I was shocked to find that worked for me. My vein collapsed on its self, and is just a hint of blue. God I hated that vein. I had to ware long shorts as it was to dam gross to have in the open.

    So sir relax you leg and do as the Dos tells you. I hope your eats it's self up like mine did.

    Oh and get back to work soon!!!!