Monday, January 9, 2012

Lame excuse for little work

  Ok, here is the plan for the new sprue.  Still really hating doing the parting lines on organics, but I got to do it. I had my minor little thrombosis repair and got the chance to lay around with my leg elevated. Which gave way to Skyrim.........

   Now normally I can only take about 15 minutes of a video game before being bored and walking away. This one I have to say is a work of art and if it is indicative of the direction the industry is headed it is amazing.
   So, whenever I get stuck trying to figure out something in CAD, I can spend a few minutes elevating my leg and being immersed in the virtual world of Skyrim. This game is better than most.  It has even caused me to re-think my aversion to the virtual world.
  This is Lydia, my loyal follower.  No matter how great the danger she springs into action ready to die for me. No matter how stupid my behavior, there are no complaints. She carries my heavy loot out of the dungeon and is equally skilled with bow and blade.  When the Battle-Born brothers from Whiterun sent an assassin after me, she pounced on his ass before I could draw my sword. Most times, I am readying my arrows and she has the enemy laying in a pool of their own blood before I can draw my bow.
   If I were to tell my real friends that I was heading into a cave filled with bloodthirsty ice trolls, they would point out the folly of my actions and refuse to help. Not Lydia,  she agrees with any scheme no matter how idiotic. What a pal.
  Of course she does have an annoying habit of triggering traps, and sometimes I do not WANT her to attack everyone like a berserker. There are times when I am trying to be stealthy and she seems to not grasp the concept very well. This makes me want to push her into a spike filled pit, but then I would have to carry my own loot.  Still, virtual life is not all bad. I have waded across the landscape of Skyrim leaving behind a trail of slain foes and looted locations. 

  But, I had to put it down and get back to work. At least till Wednesday when I get my next treatment. Then I will be floating in a Valium induced haze and Lydia and I will once again bring the pain to those virtual enemies.  I am joining the Stormcloaks and preparing to overthrow the evil empire. 

Not a good reason for failure to deliver the infantry, but better than nothing.

  Will keep you posted on my progress, at least with the models. 


  1. I really like those weapons on the sprue, especially.

    Glad to hear you're doing well after the repair, hope the next treatment goes well.

  2. Hi Ken. That sprue look proimising, looking forward to seeing the final pieces.