Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Next step and new predator

   Here is a pic of the mold with the next step done.   It has been cut with a 1/4 end mill for  a little closer tolerances.
  After that I trimmed it a bit more with a 1/8 ball mill and it looks like this.

  There are 2 arms in the lower left, some legs in the lower right, and up top is the head and torso spaces.

  Here is another pic, a bit hard to see due to shavings, but I have done a bit of smoothing with the same 1/8 ball mill.

  I will keep posting till the mold fails or until I see what pops out.

  And in an unrelated story, my battle hardened fish are being tested yet again. A snapping turtle is now living in the pond. Notice the foliage he has used in a clumsy attempt at camoflage. This rank amateur poses little threat to my veterans. I just let him go about his business.

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  1. And I thought I had too many animals at my place! You're getting quite the zoo keeper there Ken. Been having ago with that program you told me to look at, it's a little tedious to get perfection but it's all relatively straight forward.