Thursday, August 11, 2011

Building done-troll started

  The new building is in the store. I made up a few packs today. Mold ran pretty well, there was a bit of flash around the sprue but it snaps off easily.  I decided to put up some pics of the troll in progress and see how he is going to turn out. This is my second attempt at an organic model. The first ended with the sci fi women militia mold ruined and my CNC machine broke down for weeks. Let's hope this one turns out better.
  Here is a block of aluminum that has been roughed for a few hours by a 1/2 inch end mill. Just getting the most basic shapes in for now. I will hit it again on Friday with a smaller end mill and start to get some closer tolerances in. This roughing is the part I hate the most. It is extremely messy and takes a long time. It is also the loudest.
   I will keep posting live action shots until the troll stands ready for the tabletop or the mold lies in a pile of scrap. Most likely the latter, but I will just pick up another block and try again. 
   And finally- there is a meteor shower this weekend. If you get a chance go outside and make a wish.

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