Monday, July 18, 2011

Things keep breaking- I keep fixing.

  Ok, it has been quite a while since anything worth mentioning has happened. I spent about 3 weeks programming G-code to cut out my female militia, and they molds were looking quite good. Then the CNC machine spindle motor burned up, gouging the mold and ruining it. It is a 24 volt DC, 3 phase, brushless, variable pulse input motor.  Not something you can find easily. I wasted a lot of time trying to decide how to fix it. I finally managed to do a lot of patch work and got the motor working again. At least for now. But I had to deal with the fact that the mold was shot. I also thought the guns were a bit thin. So I am going to re-do the whole thing. In the meantime another machine broke too. Egads! I got that one fixed as well and made some progress on some tanks. These are the new stalkers. One has the optional urban barrel for close quarter action. I got another one the way too and hope to make them available ASAP.
   It has been a bit trying, I make all these plans to have molds finished and stuff available and sometimes it just ain't  possible. Right now everything looks like a green light and I am pressing full ahead full. If anything else breaks I guess there will be more delays. I guess when you operate a plastic minis production facility with a budget that would be tight for a lemonade stand these things will happen.

   I did managed to rid myself of the reptilian menace that was eating all of my frogs.

Here is my son holding the monster. He was elusive but eventually he was ousted from my water garden.

  I will post more news when it seems to be interesting.


  1. Well I need those tanks to fill the ranks of my army. As you can see from this link there is a hole in the back of this army for them.
    I need some tank hunters.
    I also think they will make great APC if you replace the main gun, with a machine gun, then box out the rear of the tank.


  2. Glad to hear you're back on track. Pity about the mold. Hang in there, you're turning out some great models.