Friday, July 22, 2011

Some new tanks available, and new building idea

  In spite of the oppressive heat I managed to build a few packs of stalker tanks and put them in the store. Same price as the other platoon. I have a home made mold cooling set up. It is a 30 gallon drum that I circulate water through. It seems to work fine for the limited production that I am running, but these tanks tank a long time to cool in this heat. That causes the heat to be transfered into my water drum, and it seems that once that water gets cooking it stays hot since the shop is over 90 degrees. Come on fall!

  I got a desire to build this building in 15mm. Trouble is the plastic machine is pretty small. So far the best I can do is get one front with door, one side and the little steps onto a sprue. I was going to damage it all up, but if I leave it intact it can be mass assembled into huge cathedrals or damaged with a pair of pliers.  Got to think on this one, because it would not have the floors or roof unless I made another mold for them.
And finally.........I finally got rid of those baby birds from the shop. They were hopping all over the place, knocking things off shelves and leaving piles of droppings. They actually perched atop a regiment of dark elf executioners, which is no easy feat considering all the pointy swords sticking up.  I opened the door one day and they made their way over and walked out. They never came back, so I guess they are OK. But........

  This is my new dinner guest. Now this guy has been feasting on my fish in the pond. He is amazingly skilled at catching them. I am going to leave him alone, I just hope the fish can reproduce faster than he can eat.
   Just frustrating, you try to build a little place to enjoy nature and all this wildlife shows up and ruins things.
   Have a great weekend.   :)


  1. That new building looks great! I would like to see it intact so I can ruin it myself (usually do).

    What would you think of making some buildings or building accessories for a Mordheim setting? In 15 or 28 mm.

    That was great about nature invading your pond. We had some deer eating the bark off our new trees this winter. :)

  2. Keep the building intact, as ruining it is so easy. An option for floors could be just designing perches to rest plasticard on. Just plan for where the floors should be and plan on a standardized size.