Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A New Year Dawns

  Hi Folks,

  Just a couple quick updates;

   Chase Bank announced the grant winners and I was deemed unworthy.  A very sincere thank you to the folks who at least got me to the panel, where the rejection was by major business leaders instead of underlings. It was nice to see some support from the community.  That grant money was most likely a tiny fraction of the trillions the banks got from tax payers in bailouts, so in a way we gave them a grant........and had no say in it. Oh well. The winners were all pretty deserving and I want to say congratulations to them.

  I have removed the video from You tube.  How-to  tips are going to be very limited from now on.  You can read between the lines on this.  Still learning the ropes and this business can be a bit cut throat it seems. 

  Ok, now the unhappy parts are over.

  Overall I expect it to be another fine year.  The Pontiac is waiting for the sun to return so we can commence raising hell.   I have a new track layout in the slot car room that is even better than the last track, which I had titled best ever.  My 40K models continue to be sold to buy slot cars.  I have decided to focus on WW2, my insane project of 1/72 scale sci-fi, (this project will be detailed more in the future), and Warhammer Fantasy Battle. ( dark elves went up in price 20% since my blog post complaining about it, so I am limited to old models and proxies for the future)     I have almost all of the armies from the Ravening Hordes supplement. Combined with 8th edition this makes for a perfect combination.
   I will post a more complete update when something worthwhile happens.  Remember-  Follow your path.  Try to avoid distractions. And do something you like.

  I am posting a link to an article about creating video games. The advice is quite good and most of it I already know and try to follow.

  Also, here is an image of another one of the single part models. Everything is being combined in to one solid part with no undercuts. The face is barely visible but it results in a model with a more lifelike rifle grasp.  This view is a single 2-dimensional mesh.  Imagine a painting on a piece of glass that shows the same image from either side. I started with this on that troll I did a long time ago but then tried to get fancy and got away from it.  Now I want to try this again.  I hope the features are grossly out of proportion enough to match the "heroic" look.  I try to keep things simple, mostly because I have no choice with this Fred Flinstone set-up. 

  I got 3 of these mostly done and will keep working on them as time allows. Right now things are at a standstill due to this "climate change" that features bitterly cold weather.


  I took this pic out in the shop the other day.  Luckily I am blessed with an ample layer of natural insulation, but the machines are not so equipped. The oil turns in to goo and the machine will simply not cycle. I ran a heater on it for 5 hours and it still blew  out the circuit breakers when I turned it on about 5 times. It really is a problem.

  Once things warm up I will endeavor to get something done. So I will post some more news then.

  Stay warm folks and have fun!


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