Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catch 22

  Just a quick note that the web site is down for a little while until it gets transfered to a new server. This is the long awaited new store with more slots available at a much lower price. I guess my old domain host was counting on customers who do not have google.
   A recent series of events have created a crossroads moment. I have given up trying to figure out how to do my state taxes and decided to close shop and continue operations in a commando fashion only. However, in order to close shop I have to have all taxes up to date. I tried to explain that the only reason I am forced to close shop is because the taxes are a hideous nightmare of frustration, and in fact if I could do the damn taxes I would never consider closing shop. The tax people failed to see the irony in all of this.  After being bounced through at least 12 different departments it became obvious that my state department of revenue is hopelessly clueless.  BUT, I have to do these stupid taxes in order to exist AND in order not to exist.

  I love the show Firefly. He just gets in his ship and flies away.
  Anyhow, I bit the bullet and hired an accountant. It was a bleak day of despair indeed.  How did we ever get to this place?
  So my accountant has gotten things sorted and I am going to keep trying to exist, if my overlords will allow it.
   Once I figure this new site out and get it hooked up I will fill everyone in on all the new directions we are headed and the mistakes of 2012 that will not be repeated.

  Have a very nice Thanksgiving and buy something nice for yourself.



  1. I know your pain. The state and local taxman is half the reason I went sculpting-only, and dropped the retail side of my business.

    Now, I just do a schedule C for the feds, and don't have to fill out monthly sales tax forms.


    1. At some point they are going to make it too easy to collect freebies and near impossible to earn money. Not sure why they are pursuing this strategy, but it seems deliberate.

  2. Hey, Ken. I've been meaning to post a comment on your blog for ages, but my old phone couldn't cope and for some reason I never seemed to read your blog on my PC. However: new phone!

    Anyway, this seemed like a good time to weigh in with a "chin up!" Your work is great and I love your blog. I've seen the new plastic near future barriers you're working on and reckon they'll definitely be worth reaching out for from across the Atlantic.

  3. Tax systems the world over seem loaded against the sole trader and small business. Basically, if your business is big enough to have an accountant on staff, you probably will be able to avoid most of the taxes that smaller businesses and individuals pay, which doesn't say a lot for the tax system :(

    I do enjoy your blog. Please let us know when your webstore is open again as I seem to recall you were making some 15mm scale ruins at one stage, and I'll be in the market for some of those.

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