Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some little progress...

  OK, so here is the latest project in process. This was a real pain, although it should seem simple.

  It is the first of the 28mm pre-fab construction walls. It can be used as a floor section or roof. There are plates on the sides where they are assembled on the planet.   I have to go in a fix a few issues, like the one you see here;

  If you look closely you will note that the square 8 from the bottom and 4 from the right refuses to conform the the others.  Why?  I have no bloody idea but it looks like crap. Now I have to create a program to try and go in and take the tiniest of fraction off of it.  And if I screw it up? Well then I have to take the same amount off of all the rest!  Arghhhh......
 The backside of this is going to be corrugated metal.  I like how it looks so far, I need to do a little sharpening on the edges but I am hoping this will work.  This is the first of the oversize blocks and it will be interesting to see if they function in the press.
   In other news, I do not think I can take any more custom work for a while. I am currently commited to 7 molds in addition to whatever I might try and squeeze in during the downtime. And out of those molds I have to run 10,000+ sprues.  I hope this damn plastic machine does not revolt and try to kill me again. We have entered into a quiet and wary tension. I think it is trying to lull me into relaxing and then take off another body part.
   My mind keeps coming up with more plans than are feasible, like writing my own game rules sometime. I had a really neat idea in this regard but that takes some time. I want to get it down on paper before I forget, and then get my friend to create a combat simulator, run 1000's of virtual combats, and see how it shakes out.
   And of course, I wonder how the neighbors are going to react to my new goldfish pond idea.
  Nothing like going over the top on things.
  Anyhow, that is the update. I will post some pics of the roof pieces when I press them. I am going to use GREY!!!!  Just like a regular product. Then I can start on the walls and doorways too.

    This friday is a blue moon. Not sure what tradition calls for on that event. Something with beverages, meat and fire I am sure. You can add your own variations based on local customs.

Have a great Labor Day.

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