Saturday, August 18, 2012

Going to get things done or else.

  Well summer is winding down. Things are busy, which is good. I am employed again and this time without the overwhelming urge to turn green and burst out of my clothes.  Things work out in the end.
  In the shop I am getting more and more orders for little bits and widgets.  I take on what I can but it is stopping me from making an effort to add more of my own things. It pays better though.

  I did add a 50 by 75mm rectangular base to the store. I also deleted the rocky 40mm round. That was a very early mold and it is a pain to get to work.  I had to make a few this morning and decided on the spot to trash the darn thing.  The early molds were OK, but now I am wanting things that work.
   I am going to start the 28mm building flats at the next break I get. It seems a shame to make them flat, so trying to figure out a way to finish both sides has been on my mind.  This little plastic machine has a lot of limits, but if you look at them as more "guidelines" it can be useful. My maximum surface area limit is 14 square inches, and I just finished delivering some parts to a guy that are over 32 square inches.  The parts took every bit of plastic I could push, so there was no runners at all. This has given me the idea to push other limits as well.  Let's face it, a lot of limits are set unrealisticly low to allow for a safety margin.  I had 2 tons of stone in the back of a pickup rated at half ton. Sure it seems to sag a lot, barely stop, and sway violently.  But I did not have to make multiple trips to the quarry.
  So how can I get this little machine to think big? I am going to re-make the die and let it hang out on all sides. I am picking up a new bar of metal next week and this one is larger. It is planned to allow me to make the 28mm building sections and make them double sided and reversible. As a added bonus it should let me make some of the super large bases some folks are requesting.
   I should mention here that I am guilty of losing messages and not answering them. Since opening up the web-store and having a very public e-mail, I have been swamped by marketing. Often I intend to answer e-mails but they go off the bottom of the list so fast I forget them.  Instead I get all sorts of offers. Some marketing firm has me identified as an overweight person who needs male enhancement and a lower interest rate. It is troubling to think that this is the way the world views me.  Once I get a little more organized I will do better at keeping current on things.
  It does not help that I spend too much time building model kits into slot cars.

   In the meantime, I took a trip to Florida to gat some training on a new machine.  I took my daughter along, because she read some book called Harry Potter or something.  While there I did some research on buildings.

In case you want to go, here is a very concise review.

Some rides are nice.

 Some are not.

  Anyhow, got to get busy. If everything goes OK I hope to get an opening soon to build the new die. I will report the results, and if it works a whole new range of possibilities open up. That is if I can get caught up on making all these widgets...............

  Have a great end of summer.

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