Thursday, March 3, 2011

New die assembly reinforcement.

  Here is a pic of a home made ejector die assembly. It is composed of 2 steel plates held apart by 4 rods and 4 tubes, each 4" long. The tubes have bolts that pass through to hold the 2 halves together, while the center 4 rods double a slide for the ejectors. The small central steel plate has 14 small rods welded to it, each 1/8" in diameter. An aluminum plate with matching holes drilled is bolted to this assembly with counter sunk hex head screws. The hoses allow cooling fluid to pass through the aluminum. I know it looks very primitive, but hey it works! And it was pretty cheap to make. It also allows me to quickly swap out plates and change products. Just thought I would show a picture of  how primitive things can be for those guys out there plotting to do this at home. Yesterday I replaced the tubes with heavier cast iron gas pipe sections because it looked like they were starting to buckle a bit under the pressure.
   Still working on more molds, it is a slow process. I broke another bit and have to re-run the guns for the roller tank. The trencher might have to be re-done, which I am reluctant to do. The parts do not fit without a bit of work and my attempts at increasing the tolerances have thus far failed. I might make some to sell on e-bay with a disclaimer that minor filing is required.
   I also spent some time talking with a 3D modeler who is going to help design products. I am very anxious to see what he can do.

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