Monday, February 28, 2011

Roller Tank preview

  This is what I am cooking up now. Found a basic model and modified it to make it fit in the setting to go with the other tanks. Broke a mill bit so it is going to be a few days before I get to see this one in action. I am working on some sci-fi alternative history stuff, and I figure some guys think the best way to get across no-mans land is to go really fast. Hence this suicide machine.
      The trencher tank is still being stubborn. I gave it a go today and it is still not right. The good news is I am getting a bigger army of them, as all the ones not good enough to sell wind up in my armored units. I made some adjustments and plan to have one more go. Tuesday I am determined to do the 25mm round bases first thing, then see if I can get the pieces to fit together on the tank without too much filing.

   Thanks to all the people who picked up the building.  I do plan on making more bits for the buildings. The first 2 are pretty interchangeable, the windows on the second are a little more pronounced. Used a bigger bit because they break less that way.  I got to do a doorway and maybe a couple of extra bits too.   I will try and keep making more parts for it.

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  1. That roller tank looks pretty cool. One of the things that occur to me as I look at it is you could also use as a big piece of machinery, maybe an engine in a space ship.