Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy Labor Day

  Just a quick note today.  I have had a couple people ask about the Trencher tanks, and I have made some more and they are available again. These are a little different. I was changing colors so some are yellow, some are red, and some are a mash-up of the 2.  All are the same plastic so they will paint up the same.  Some day an unopened pack of mixed colors will fetch a fortune on the collector market.  Providing I somehow become more than an anonymous nobody.

  These tanks require nitrogen to avoid having a sinkhole in the turret, and I had some red and yellow already mixed with the additive from a widget contract. So-I made some colorful tanks with it.

  I made a change also, they are now $7 per pack, but each pack now has 2 tanks.  The net result is a little nicer packaging over the old way of using small bags and stapling them together in batches.  I am using larger bags now so can fit more in each bag. 

    Please return to your regularly scheduled celebration of labor, which is usually commemorated by taking time off.

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