Monday, March 25, 2013


 Here is a pic of the layout of the parts on the building kit for 28mm.  Think of this as more a suggestion than a rigid set of rules.

   I had a friend draw this up for me. I hope it helps things along. And answers any questions.

  Otherwise, things are going along as usual. The Novakon got a little FUBAR  ( that is "Fouled Up Beyond All Repair" for you civilians out there. Fouled is sometimes replaced with a stronger word in extreme situations if no ladies are present) and the setback left me watching Netflix for a bit. BBC makes some pretty good television it turns out, if you have the time to watch 30 episodes back to back.  It strangley began working just as inexplicably as it stopped.  I have to find an exorcist someday.
  Things are a bit quieter than usual because new methods are being tinkered with in addition to making a pile of widgets. More on that if it works, quietly forgotten if it goes the more likely path. 
   No matter the result, will keep posting the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


  1. I have dropped you a message before but you haven't answered to that,

    I wanted to know if you will ever bring back the former offers of your 15mm vehicle range: the Trencher Tank Mk 1, the Quasi-Hetzer tank hunter and the tracked guns.

    I'd love to buy some!

    1. I read your comment and have been working on that. The motorized artillery are in the store now and as soon as I can get this widget mold out of the machine I plan to make some of the other bits. Once I get them all done I will make a note, the problem is simpy getting time to set it up and run it. I am getting a hover tank printed out as we speak also.

  2. Just found your store after following a link from another blog. Glad to see you make some stuff in 28mm, as thats the scale I play. Will certainly get a few of your prefab buildings next pay cheque, they look like really useful models!

    On the subject of what to make one thing that always seems missing visually from every 40K table is civilian cars. An urban landscape with roads and ruins looks wrong without them, but few people make them and no-one to my knowledge makes from plastic. Resin vehicles just aren't affordable enough to use en-masse as scenery. If you could do intact, damaged and crushed one piece vehicles on a sprue cheaply enough I'm sure they would sell well and fill a niche.

  3. it is considered polite to reply to people who post on your blog though...

  4. I been thinking this over. Cars are really tough.....they are very different from flat things. I found the die cast cars I picked up and put in the store work pretty well if you rough them up a bit. I am quite happy with my gothic cars after a little damage with a hammer.

  5. thanks for the reply Ken. I've been thinking about it too. I could imagine a three piece car kind of the shape of the Antenocitis ones, but maybe a bit boxier for the 40K aesthetic, or more futuristic for Infinity:

    with a piece for each side and one for the whole middle, basically bandsawing the car into three parts lengthwise.

  6. Funny just found this: