Monday, April 18, 2011

Rolling with nitrogen

OK, so I am posting 2 days in a row. Maybe I am getting caught up in this whole online social networking thing.   Here is a pic of the roller tank, now in the store. It was a bit easier than the trencher so I priced it a bit less. By a bit easier I mean less cut fingers and cursing. I realize I have got to have the most shade tree mechanic operation on earth, but you got to do what you got to do.
   I had some issues with the nitrogen. It is pretty good stuff, but getting the ratio down is tricky. Also, the stuff sometimes keeps on swelling even after it comes out of the mold. I got a pile of pregnant looking roller tanks setting in a pile. If for some reason you might want a swollen bodied roller, send me a message with your order and I will throw in an extra body while supplies last. I had to go back through all the tanks and pick out the bad ones. Grrrrrrr.
   The good part about the nitrogen is it seems to allow me to create larger solids than previously without shrinkage. I had to fight with the alignment again, but I think it is acceptable.
   I think I will cut a new tank on Tuesday. With the new 90 pin die and a bag of nitrogen I am feeling stupidly optomistic.
   Will post more when something happens.


  1. That is looking pretty sweet. The Sci-Fi chicks are pretty much complete on this end.

  2. That looks great. Looks like a lot of nice detail, too.

  3. Not as big a fan of this as the other tank, but it's interesting. I absolutely LOVE your bases though.

    Any chance of doing up some plastic hex-bases for battletech figures?