Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Off to Fall-In

  Just wanted to post that I am off to Fall-In. I am going as a guest of Highlander Studios, who has graciously offered to share his merchants spot with me. I am taking my bases and things to sell, as well as the remaining tanks. The trencher and roller are off the store now too, as I might run out this weekend at the show. I really like working on tanks and have plans to make a bunch of better models. Unfortunately the demand for the current batch has been quite low. I have to focus 100% on making organic models and generic multi-use terrain with a broader appeal, as well as extremely nice plastic vehicles.
    I am hoping to run into a wealthy investor who agrees to fund my operation as a tax write-off.  Well, I am guessing that is extremely unlikely although possible.  Actually a wealthy investor would not be wealthy if he invested in unproven manufacturing that settles that.
    Right now things are going pretty good in a lot of ways. The CAD design problems that had been a thorn in my side for so long are gone and it is simply a matter of executing. Fall-in is going to be my first show, but my hope is to make the next one with model figures!

  Well, that is it for now. I will post anything neat that happens at the show and pics of Joe's house when they are done.  Right now I am planning on cutting that starting on Monday.

  If you are at the show stop by and say hi.

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