Friday, November 4, 2011

Back from the show

  Hi folks.  Well I am back from the weather challenged convention of Fall-in. It was very nice to be there. I got to thank Rod from Highlander Studios for the sharing of space and for listening to my endless talking.   (   The attendance was light due to the unexpected snow fall but I guess it could have been worse. There are no more Trencher tanks ... until the release of the new trencher mark 2.

  This design should be a lot better for you guys to build. It will hide the parting line, run faster because the walls are .080 thick and still be a nice solid feeling tank kit.  There are 2 side pieces to glue in after you attach the top to the bottom. If at all possible there will be a few weapon options and I am trying to keep the sponsons optional. If the mold will fit it look for a dozer blade. I am trying to add more detail but I am unsure how much will come out in the mill. Should be cutting next week, starting on Thursday or so.  There is also going to be an attempt to produce this tank in resin for 28mm gaming. That way no matter what scale you are in you got some nifty stuff to use.
    Right now I am finishing Lucky Joe's house. I think the mold looks great and if I can get out of fixing my nephews truck and putting a roof on my son's house I would like to have it on sale this weekend. However, expect a slight delay.......
   I do read the comments and take ideas, but for some odd reason I can not leave comments in my comments section. I just had to make the house after seeing Joes blog with all the buildings on it.

   Not a lot more pics to share right now, but will post a pic of the house once I get one painted. I have a ton of ideas right now and it will be nice to see them become reality. The Amazons are going pretty well, but that design is taking a while. Once I see how that goes look for some sci-fi plastic women. And the new stalker tank is going to be even more extreme........

  One last the show I sat next to Don from the Goblin Factory. His halfling pike block is an absolute must have. It took an extreme force of willpower to not spend all the money I made from selling at once by buying these little guys. I do not have a web-site for him but if you get a chance to buy them you are in for a treat.

  Have a nice weekend.


  1. Hi, Ken. Welcome back from Fall-In. That new Trencher design looks cool, and I like the idea of being able to have models in different scales.

    Thanks very much for linking to my blog. I am also really excited to hear about the work on the half-timber house being done. Maybe if it does well in 15mm you could consider releasing it in 28mm, too. Good luck with the jobs helping the family. That always should come first.

    I have the same problem with coments on my blog, too. Sometimes I can only post on other people's blogs, but can't comment on my own blog, and sometimes I can't even comment anywhere.

    Thanks again.

  2. If all your new tanks are going to look like that then I may consider building an army for flames of war or something similar. They look so much more evolved than the originals!

  3. Ken,
    I really like your tanks. I look forward to the new designs !