Friday, October 21, 2011

Lucky Joe's House

  Just a few CAD pics this week. Here is the house I tried to make to look like the pic sent by Lucky Joe. The sprue layout looks like I can make one of the roof , long and short wall sections. Put 2 in a bag and you can build this little house. Would be nice to have a bigger plastic machine, but I got to make do with what I got. I will add some texture to it to look like stucco and some wood grain to the beams.  Not sure if I should make a door or just leave a hole.  The shutter look sort of plain, but I guess they would be in a semi-primitive setting.  This sprue might be harder to combine into bigger structures, but model makers can do amazing things. Going to cut this out while I am working on the design of the infantry models.
  And I got plenty of time, this is taking way too long to create. So far I have the first body with arms and a head and this second body parts done.  Going to arm them with spear or hand weapons, and add shields if possible.
   And finally, about the tanks. As readers of this blog know it has been a learning year, and some of the tank molds can really do for an improvement. They are by far the hardest thing to run due to the thickness of the parts and the alignment problems that plague them. With the new alignment pins I am using and some thinner designs in mind I think I can make a much better product.  In the future I would like to see a design it yourself kit that would allow for multiple weapon options. However, there seems to be little demand for them.  That is why I am going to re-focus on making the infantry sprues. 
    The trouble with the infantry sprues seems to be the 3-4 week design time needed, followed by another couple of weeks of milling.  I have to learn to be patient. Designing a complex sprue like this is similar to painting an entire army of minis. You seem to think it will never be done, and then one day you look down on the table and there they are.
  And speaking of painted armies,  had a chance to fill the table with lead and played a game of Fantasy Rules!  2nd edition.  Very good rules set and reminded me of why we enjoy the hobby so much.

  Have a nice weekend folks.


  1. Just a thought - if you cast the house door separate, and slightly larger than the doorway, you could either leave the doorway open, or glue the door to the interior side of the doorway wall, so it would both fill the doorway and also be slightly inset. Seen this done with card stock buildings to give the wall a little 3 dimensionality.

  2. Oh, man! That house is looking great! I can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks very much Ken.