Sunday, October 16, 2011

Products going away for a bit.

   Just a quick note- some of the tanks are going to be unavailable for a while. I will remove them as stock runs out. The reason for this is that these early learning curve molds are really tricky to run and are going to be replaced with newer designs. (alignment pins were too sloppy and require a ton of work to get crisp parts) I was trying to run some Stalker tanks today and they were determined to be a pain. It just seems to make more sense to re-do the mold and make a better tank destroyer and make life easier. The mobile artillery mold works a lot better with less sticking.  So, right now the tank destroyers are going to be offline. Once the Trenchers and Rollers run out I will be removing them too. After seeing how smooth the artillery works it is tough to go back to the earlier primitive molds. I guess I am getting spoiled, or just having a lower tolerance for stress.
   It is also exciting to plan on how to make things better and have a newer and better tank available. 

1 comment:

  1. Sad new!!! I am glad I have mine, but they will be missed.
    Please do not give up, as your work is the best thing in cheap 15mm vehicles, and buildings.