Friday, October 14, 2011

Bases again.

  Not much to really shout about the past few weeks. Still battling this annoying PC and working on a couple of molds that turned out pretty tricky.  This is a 60mm round base that was suggested by someone, so I made it.
  And this is a chariot base made after being suggested by someone else. Both are in the store. Lucky Joe, if you got a pic of the building type you are looking for please forward it to me. Not really sure what you want but I am open to anything. I really want to make a ship too.....
   I am trying to make this too, based on a suggestion from someone.

  The first 2 came off pretty smoothly, but the last one has been the cause of some harsh language.  It seems the tiny lip around the edge has some amazing adhesive properties that cause the bases to not release.  Still pondering this one, but it might require a radical approach. This base has holes for magnets in it, which is a good idea.
   Here is a pic of the custom sprue I am working on. The first half is done and the second half is on the mill. It is a slow one due to all the details. I designed it as best as I could on the customer's descriptions. It will not be for sale by me, as all rights go to the customer wanting it made.
  After this I have another go at that organic mold. I am a bit unsure what to do with it- 4 very similar models per sprue, or 4 very different models per sprue.
 Most likely I will make similar models and throw in a flag or something. As you can tell I have been watching the old Hercules series on Netflix. This comprises my research into authentic Greek female warrior attire.  It is surprising how often Hercules is beset by foes dressed similar to the ones pictured. 
  This bit is patched up and ready and I am working on the arms and hands. I posted a pic on Dakka and those folks were quite nice. I am finding a lot of people are friendly in our little hobby. Much more so than people on political talk message boards.
   And that's about it for this week. Have a nice weekend and keep those ideas coming.


  1. Hi, Ken. That Amazon is looking great! The style house I was talking about is pictured here.

  2. Hi Ken,
    I've been using your bases for my USMC figures, but I couldn't find one suitable for my prone sniper, so I ended up using a GW 40k bike/cavalry base instead. It's ok, but doesn't fit as well as I'd like with the rest of the figures on your bases. It's just occurred to me that similarly-sized rounded edge cavalry bases that you could fit, say, a sci-fi bike on might be a worthwhile addition to your range, especially if you got the size right.
    I know I'd certainly buy a few packs!