Friday, September 30, 2011

Mother board victory!

  I have repaired the mother board and am back in action.  Nothing else can possibly go wrong, and yes that is you I am tempting fate.  Currently cutting a chariot base as well as some custom sprues.  I think things are going to go in that direction for a while. Sales of my little bits are a tad sluggish and it seems a few people have ideas for some custom plastic sprues.  In fact the little tanks are going to be stopped for a while as I continue to work towards making more organic models while making stuff for other people too.

  These are a couple of CAD files pics of some Amazons I am going to have a go at. I still want to do the sci-fi female militia, but they have to redesigned them from scratch because their arms, legs and weapons were too puny. This model has a more clunky design which should make a better figure.  It seems that most minis have poor proportions and oversize heads, hands, limbs and weapons.  Of course I guess you can go too far, but I have to find out where is a good balance.
   I am waiting for my new fleet game I ordered from the evil empire. I ordered this because they promised to not support it. It is my opinion that in the past support has ruined a lot of the games I used to like. Expansions should enhance a game, not butcher it and destroy the enjoyment.  Just my own $.02. Anyhow, if I like said fleet game I might make a similar scale generic ship or 2.  So much to do....

  Have a nice weekend folks, things are starting to get interesting.   :)


  1. Those amazons look cool. I'm looking forward to seeing how they come out. I finally made some ruins with your 15mm Corner and 15mm Brick buildings, including a couple of the 15mm Gothic buildings which I cut. Also making a Cathedral from the 15mm Gothic buildings. They're coming out pretty good. Any chance of making some Half-Timber buidings? I could use them in my 15mm Mordheim project.

  2. Amazons look interesting, but your mention of generic ships is very interesting indeed.

    Will you post details of the custom sprues as you do them? It would be very interesting to see, and might help drive business to you or to them.

  3. May I suggest you consider unarmed models that can be armed later so they can be dual used for fantasy football games like Blood Bowl?
    For instance people are picking up the Wargames Factory Amazons as they are unarmed to use as cheap teams (the official team costs around £40 for 16 models).