Friday, November 18, 2011

6 hours in.....and a gunfight at the CNC machine

  Feeling a bit chatty so yet another post.  Just wanted to show the amount of time it takes to mill these things out. This pic is taken after about 6 hours of hard cutting. Still got a very long way to go, but it will get there.
   So I am in the shed minding my own business and this guy runs right past my foot.
  This is the most brazen mouse I have ever seen. He keeps strolling back and forth right in front of me. I am pretty cool with nature, but mice tend to build nests in stuff so I decide to get rid of him.  I pull out the CO2 pistol and fire 2 complete reloads at him. That $14 walmart special is so inaccurate it is absurd.  (I was rolling very bad to-hit dice).  No wonder it took me a month to hit that gigantic snake last summer.
  So I break out this broadsword.  I know, you are wondering why I keep a Frazetta broadsword around. Well clearly for situations like this. This darn mouse still refused to leave, and I am hacking at him as he runs around. He eventually left after I managed to nip his tail. That is the toughest mouse I ever saw. He was fearless.  I would take my cat out to battle him but the cat becomes frightened upon leaving the house and has no claws.  Why do I even keep him around?
  So while you might think running a little model shop is all fun and games- it is not. There is some grim work at times.        

     Have a good weekend folks.


  1. This sounds like an episode of Tom and Jerry, LOL. You didn't leave a block of cheese on the bench, did you?

    Nice photo of the varmit - he looks very pretty. Down here, our mice tend to be very dull greys with lighter belly fur.

  2. And my wife wonders why I keep a Khukri and a Ruger Redhawk by my sculpting desk.


    'Cuz you never know...