Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Playing around with torsos

  Just messing about with the design software while I am cutting the tank out and came to an understanding. This sort of figure is OK for plastic multi-part. The female Amazons are not. There has to be a nice clean break where you can seperate the parts, like this beltline.  I might not be able to ever do a decent set of multi-pose Amazon figs without resorting to single part figures., or making dividing lines at bad spots that show.  And they both usually look somewhat lousy. Currently thinking about how to make them and not have them look lousy but drawing a blank.
   This  pic is a generic medium sci-fi figure. T-shirt and flak jacket will most likely have arm and shoulder guards if I get around to it.  I think this might be my next test project to get more practice with those complex organic parting lines. The troll was quite instructional in this regard and I am anxious to try my hand at that again.  I am not going to give up on this till I have piles of sci-fi and fantasy figures to build armies of extreme size. Or until I have a pile of scrap aluminum from failed molds large enough to build a house with.  So far this has been an interesting year of learning this process and give me another decade or so and I should have it down pat.
   And I wanted to let you know that any orders over Thanksgiving will be mailed on Monday, as I will not be available to check e-mails for a few days.

   Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I know I have a lot to be thankful for.


  1. Well I can suggest a possible solution for the amazons, but Im not sure if you'll like it.

    Put the women in more armor. Yes it will cover up some curves, but it will make mold lines much easier to blend in

  2. You could try using a rope belt. It wouldn't add any extra armor, still resembles minimalism, and women do love to accessorise. It would give you a place to part the torso and if you inset it a little into the rope belt it would completely hide the joint.