Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trencher tank part 2

  Ok, so here is a tank I made today. It is the same CAD drawing as my old one, just scaled down to 80%.  It turned out OK, the mold performed pretty well. It needs release agent more often than I would like, but I can not complain about that. Sort of the nature of plastic injection molding. The tanks I designed to be trench busters, hence the wide tracks and side mounted weapons to spray the hapless defenders.  Not sure about this one also, as the parts meant to be "snap together" turned out to be " smash together" or even worse " this stupid thing does not fit!". I am not understanding how parts fit OK in one mold and when resized they do not. It seems there is always something to learn and a new problem to overcome.
  I like the design and was hoping to sell a few at $4, but I do not want to be selling poorly fitted parts that need trimming. Then again, I have often purchased things that were poorly fitted and needed trimming. I painted it red like the building below. I sort of like the way it looks. The tank can be built with the parts simply glued together, it just makes it a bit wider. I might make a few up like that and see how it works.
   Oh well, back to the drawing board once again.

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