Saturday, February 26, 2011

Buildings available now.

  Went out and picked up some CRC brand mold release. It is a lot better than the Dupont stuff. Only have to spray about every 12 shots and it leaves almost no residue. Better yet, it says it is paintable so no need to wash off!  I made up some buildings last evening and added them to the store. Also modified the tank to try and get the parts to snap together better. I am going to fire some of them up on Monday. I still got to get those 25mm round bases done. I made the mold just have not run them yet.
   The old plastic machine may be haunted. It did OK, but got a little cranky at one point and started burning up again. You have to watch those readouts closely, cause turn your back and it starts cooking. Had to purge the overheated plastic out and resume running. Oddball intermittent issues like that are hard to correct. It works most of the time, but once in a while it likes to be difficult.
   Thinking about it being haunted might explain the bizarre hand pinching incident..................


  1. The ruined buildings looks great. The international shipping rate of $10 is a little pricey, though.


  2. I agree, shipping costs are going up. I have shipped things to Australia, Sweden, and the UK. Four sprues cost just a bit more than $10 to each location. So I set that price to be a good average. If someone places a larger order it would be more reasonable for them, as I chose to make shipping a set rate. I hope someday to have a vendor take an interest and perhaps stock the items for sale so people can order locally and I can just ship a big box to the vendor. That might be in the far future, but things take time.