Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New building done ( almost)

  Well, back to work again. Made this building out of an aluminum mold. It works very well when sprayed with mold release, but sticks a bit if not. I am going to hand polish the edges a bit and see if I can get it popping out on full auto. When I do I will add to web store. If I have to spray that is fine, I will just have to wash the parts before they can be sold.  It is a nice piece with a bit of floor to place your troops on. I have been a bit inspired of late and have several more things planned or in the works. Looking into some real innovative production techniques that should increase my output. I really did not think it would take this long to be actually making production plastic parts, but it was a learning curve. So far I have all major base sizes done and a couple of buildings. Plus a small bucket full of molds to be sold off for scrap. Still beats paying student loans for the next 20 years and I probably learned better by trial and error.


  1. Looks good! And that is so true about college. I read that the the term 'liberal education' was originally used because, if you were properly equipped to teach yourself, it would liberate you from needing someone else(or some organization) to teach you.

  2. Caught this today on TGN and just bought a couple of sprues. How do they match up with the first one you did? Do you think we'll see a sprue with a door at some point?