Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frustrating Tuesday

  Had a pretty difficult day on Tuesday. Trying out my new mold and again it had issues. Mainly the rear cutout for the injector nozzle was not correct and it caused some of the plastic to bleed out of the back of the mold and not go into the cavity. Also, my nozzle temperature digital readout started randomly flashing numbers. I had no idea how hot it was. I by-passed the thermostat and ran it straight, but I got to fix that. All in all a very down day that left me a bit deflated. I also am not happy with the size of the vehicle. I am only able to actually see the item when I create one. There is no prototype or anything. So something that looks about right on screen and judging from a measurement can be very different in reality.  Here is the new tank. It has built in sponsons with heavy automatic weapons and a main gun. The pieces fit together about right. I am going to try AGAIN, but scale it down to about 75% size.  This model has a very bad dry brush to show off some of the detail. The road wheels, rivets, and hatch all turned out really nice.

  I think I am going to do another building first. Some of the guys buying the one I made have requested more variety, so I am going to do 2 more sprues. A 3rd story section, floor section and damaged roof tiles.

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