Monday, March 5, 2012

Slow days, packing for the show

  Hi all.  Just getting ready for Cold Wars. It is quite convenient to have a convention a few minutes drive away. It lets me test the waters and still not have to stay overnight.  I am trying to make about 20 packs of each base type and other things, and make a display rack.  It is nice to talk to people.  Last time I was a guest of Rod from Highlander Studios, but this time I paid for my own table.   Sadly, I do not have a lot of new stuff to offer at the show. I have been working quite a bit on finishing out the line of bases and doing custom sprues, but I have not really made a pile of cool new things for my web store. 

   This little piece will remain untitled, but it has to connect to an existing model kit which makes it hard.  There is also some semi-clear plastic invloved with it.  The inside has to hold small lights too.  It was fun to model in the CAD program. Still have to do the wings for it.


  And this is a sprue of odds and ends that has been a real challenge. Lots of little corners to snap bits off with, and there was also another problem.  It was very windy one day and the power went out for a brief second.  Just a very short second. BUT the CNC servos are controlled by pulses of electricity. A string of G-code that is a 20,000 lines long goes by very fast, and even a split second of power fluctuation causes real nightmares.  It is times like that where it pays to have good solid walls to bang your head against. Tried my best to recover it, but I will not know exactly if this thing is going to line up OK till after I finish the second side and hope for the best.

    I found an artist who is going to help with some of the design work so I can focus on making stuff. The little plastic machine seems to be a bit happier of late and rarely tries to explode.  The you-tube video was fun to make, and it was very nice to read the comments both here and on a few forums where I posted it. Just 100,000,000 more views and it will pay some revenue.

  And that is about all the goings on around here.  Have a good time at Cold Wars and say hi if you are there.

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  1. That sprue looks very interesting. Are you going to be releasing it yourself, or is it something you made for a customer? I hope the power out didn't screw it up for you. Have a fun and successful Cold Wars.