Friday, February 24, 2012

Making movies.....and stuff

  Hello again. Today I am starring in a short video filmed by my daughter. I had read a few forums about plastic injection molding and it often seems that there are these smart people stating facts.  I tend to avoid smart people if at all possible.  Life is more interesting when you do not let reality get you down.  In fact reality is entirely over-rated. The video is sort of a companion to the blog, kind of a guide to the hobbyist plastic molder.   Here it is;

  I have been trying to standardize some bases and have a few more sizes available in matching finishes. Some 40mm rounds and sci- fi biker bases, and a solid chariot base.

  Most of my time over the past few weeks has been trying to keep up with making custom sprues for folks.  Really happy to have the business, but it seems it has been a while since something popped out of my head and onto my workbench. 
   The shapeways stuff has been a learning process, but in a way it also helped cement one idea in my head. That is concerning resin casting vs. plastic. They both have applications and I see where resin is much better in some ways. Looks like the "Big Boys" have gone over to all resin. But it seems kind of slow in a way. I think I will stick with plastic.
     Going to keep pluggin away and see where this goes. Will keep you posted.

  Have a nice weekend.


  1. Fascinating video. Thanks for posting it.

  2. An excellent commentary of the DIY spirit, and how we can bring production back to our shores. It doesn't have to be in giant factories. It can happen in thousands of home/garage production centers like you've got going here. Kudos.


  3. Ken,

    You have me following. Nothing speaks more volumes then people going through it themselves and learning it on the fly!

  4. This is awesome! Imagine a country full of people who say, "and we can."

  5. Thank you for the video.

    Very interesting.