Friday, March 16, 2012

Back from the show.. barely

Cold Wars was an interesting time. Lots of things to look at.  Swapped some bases with the Goblin Factory for some of his most excellent hobbits. Overall a good time to meet and talk to lots of fine folks. It pays to listen I guess. The number one comment in e-mails and in person has been- if only this was 28mm..........So that is going to be something to work on once I get some of these projects done. I will get to it, but I picked up a few more custom bits to make for folks and I am sorry if my little store has not had anything new for a while.  The sprue I am working on seems to be impervious to milling bits and snaps them with alarming frequency.  It has been called a few choice adjectives and still defies me. I am down to the .021" bits and almost done. What a tough go.

  So it was a nice show except for this.
 On Friday night the tranny blew out of my Chevy truck with only 59,000 miles.  The garage rolled a critical hit on the financial damage chart, and I failed my warranty saving throw and took full damage.  Egads.

  But on a positve note I met the guys from Bronze Age minis.  Very nice guys with a real can-do attitude. We brainstormed a bit and I was more than a little inspired.    In a flash of ingenuity it seems there may be another way to make molds that does not require painstakingly slow milling. Previous flashes of ingenuity have resulted in bodily injury, but this time I am more optimistic than most.

  Will keep you posted after I make more progress, but if people keep wanting stuff I got to keep making it. 

  Have a great weekend and enjoy it.  It may be the last one before we have to mow the lawn! 


  1. I am mostly into 28 mm so this is sweet music to my ears mate!

  2. Just don't chuck out your 15mm molds. The rest of us want to use them.