Sunday, April 22, 2012

The West Coast discount

  OK, I most likely messed this up somehow, but here goes.

  On my generic template web-store I set up some shipping costs that have been as low as I could make them. Well, it turns out that is not the case with locations further away from the east coast. In particular the west coast buyers have been losing me a few bucks each package. I did not want to raise costs across the board because then the nearby folks lose money. So I got a little scale and weighed each item. Added a small  amount for the box and tried to get my web store to automatically calculate shipping based on zip code and weight.

  Right now I have no idea if it will work and how it might affect overseas buyers.  (the west coast dicsount was one thing, but the overseas discount is really extreme)  If there is any problem please let me know and I am going to keep a close eye on how much it charges and how much it actually costs to ship.

  Thanks for your patience in this. Shipping costs are really a lot.   I really wish there was a way to save this money for people but I have not figured this out.

  I have to ship a 20 pound box to the UK and the post office wants $107 for this. I went to UPS and they want $311. For that amount I could almost buy a budget plane ticket from price line and fly it there in my carry on luggage!

  I will be keeping an eye on this and please complain loudly if a problem arises. I need to get this sorted.

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