Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another post already.

 Ok, this is not an attempt to bombard you with marketing.  But there are a couple of questions I have neglected to answer and this might be a good time to explain.

First off- the comparison pics-

This is a pic of my friend Sam Colechio's infantry next to the new building flat.

  As you can see, Sam is planning a scenario that occurs within a mini-storage complex.

  Here is Sam's blasted Cathedral with some 15mm guys sneaking past.

  Sam is the GM of our role play group. In spite of the fact that my character lost a leg, hand, eye, and arm he is still OK since he likes building stuff for me to show you. Some might say he was a bit harsh but I would never suggest that.  (because I like my remaining leg and eye)

  The other question I get is about stuff I am out of. Let me try to explain that. As I work on things it tends to illustrate how badly some of my earlier ideas really were. And the thick models are one of the worst. They take a long time to run due to increased cooling time. This actually decreases the amount of parts I can make at a time because my barrel of water gets hot and has to be allowed to cool. I plan on adding some sort of radiator to the garden hose but have not gotten around to it.  And the thicker molds take nitrogen, which is another variable to play with.  Add to that the increased shipping cost for a heavy pack or 2 and making thinner parts seems to be the way to go.  So, since they sell very slowly I tend to put them way down on the to-do list.  I will have to re-visit them again,  but it is always more exciting to plot something else to make.
  Also, the main things I sell are bases. It seems every time I turn around I am out of bases and have to make more. So it pushes the problematic molds further down on the to-do list.  I do have plans to remake a lot of things in the future but the old 24 hours in a day limitation keeps holding me back.  The timber frame house will be a lot thinner someday, that is for sure.

   I hope this explains things a bit and I will make every effort to replace the missing items with a newer version or a reprint.

Thanks for the questions.

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