Monday, April 4, 2011


  Today I made about 100 of these sprues and added them to the store for sale. Kind of a simple design, but for some reason this mold gave me a lot of fits before I found one I could get to flow evenly. In the end a simple straight runner with parts spaced along the sides worked best. With 25mm rounds finished I have all the base sizes normally used for gaming done. Now I got to start working on the guys to stand on them!  That is a bit of a tall order, but I like challenges. I have been working n a brainteaser from the back of Omni magazine since march of 1983. Not continuously of course, that would be obsessive.
   These were made with the old fixed pin ejectors. I am running a new trencher tank mold for the adjustable pin die assembly. Unfortunately, the CNC started making a bit too much noise so I shut it down to do some work on the drive asembly. If everything would just work right all the time things would be more pleasant.
   After trying for too many times to find someone to design models, I think I am just going to knuckle down and do the work myself. I have everything down except hair and hands. The hair could be solved with some snappy hats and perhaps mittens will make an appearance in a distant galaxy. Actually, it would be best if I knew how to do each step of the process, so time to get busy.


  1. Those look good. I'll go check the web store. I painted up one of your new billboards. I'll post a link on my blog later today if I get a chance.

  2. Hey. I am not sure hat the most reliable way to get in touch with you is, I thought I would have heard back from you after I sent you the email saying I was back from PAX. -Dillon the modeler