Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting hit a lot-but in a good way.

  I noticed an unusual spike in hits when I checked the blog. In the stats section it indicated that most of them came from a forum called Dakka Dakka. I have been on there a few times looking for rumors when the new version of WFB was being released. Thanks to whoever posted a link there.  To answer a few questions; battletech bases would be easy, I just need to know the size. I have also been planning to do a base for 3.5" action figures with a small post to stand them up on for display.  The trencher tank measures 2" long and 2" wide to the outside of the sponsons, the roller is 2" wide and 1.25" tall.  And I have gotten several requests to do 6mm stuff. Will put it on my list.
   I am planning on completing a range of alternate history WW1 vehicles in the near future, so that will be my primary goal. Infantry in greatcoats and masks to go with the vehicles is also something I want to do. To make things even more hectic, I do plan to release a scattering of 28mm multi-poses if possible.
      Cutting out the stalker today I took time to paint up a few of my little tanks. The one in the middle has the driver hatch open. It looks neat but I do not think it shows up too well.   
   Right now I am boxing up some stuff.  I have filled all orders and will ship the last in the morning.  I am however completely out of tanks and have to make more in the morning.
  Here is a pic of the stalker prototype. The tracks are a little different on the new one. It comes with a short barrel if you want to make a normal version. I like the one shot-one kill armor destroyer gun.
  With any luck I will be able to get the right stuff in each box, not get killed by the plastic machine and have the stalkers in the store next week.


  1. There was a post for your blog over on tabletop gaming news and a subsequent thread on dakkadakka becuase of it which started a small discussion on 15mm 40k (which seems to be hit and miss with people) and also you're homemade casting setup, which is quite impressive. I was far more interested in the post about your bases since I absolutely love the look of them over the standard warhammer and warmachine styles, can't wait for my order to show up :)

    Batletech hex bases are 30mm "diameter" from flat edge to flat edge and the edges are 18mm long at the botom. They commonly are not "filled in", since most models come cast on small stands and you fill in the empty base with putty. I'd be more than happy to promote them over at the forums :)

    The official metal bases:

  2. Oh, wow I love that stalker. Going to have to get some of those. BTW, I got my Trencher tanks, they look great. Thanks for the fast order turn-around.

  3. Hi Ken, nice models, the Stalker is very cool, I would probably prefer a smaller calibre gun though, but thats just a personal preferance, its a very cool model, have you got any picts next to a 15mm figure?