Thursday, August 7, 2014


    Hi folks. Been a while since I had posted much so I thought I would throw out some random non-related tid-bits.  Back in the shop things are slowly building to bigger and better things, and it seems we got a plan. I keep grinning like a donkey eating briars as my uncle would say.

  First off, a couple of new things in the store. Some new base sizes that were requested by customers.

75mm round, 90mm round, and 25 X 50 pill bases. Pretty much got you covered with bases. And now you got something to cover your bases-
 I call it bits for bases 1.  I hope more to follow.  The first try at this included some smaller parts of ammo and such. There was a most untimely power outage that made them not so good. Instead of making it a complete loss I kept the good parts and will try again on the other side.
Here is the way it was supposed to be.
  The tanks I used to make are off the store for now, probably forever. I hate using nitro, unless in conjunction with glycerin. My personal quest to recreate Barbarossa 1941 using 40K style models in 15mm has been modified a bit. I am now enamored with 1/72 scale.  Mostly because I think it is the smallest scale I can make decent infantry with someday. I have an agreement with a company who makes model WW2 tanks in 1/72 scale. They will allow me to make conversion sprues for their tanks to give them a little "grimdark".  This is going to save me a ton of effort. Someday at a convention near you look out for Stalingrad, 1/72 scale, with powered armor SS.
  There has been a lengthy delay due to a gremlin counter-attack. It may sound like a poor excuse, but they are many and fierce. Frustrating can not begin to describe having random glitches that broke bits, destroyed metal and wasted weeks. Turns out one was a speck of dirt in an optical sensor. I guess being a slob with cleaning has its drawbacks. For now they are at bay, although they never really seem to be completely defeated. It may seem I am making this up, but the minor problems are too many to be a coincidence. This is a concerted effort by some nefarious group to derail my already fragile sanity. I would be a gazillionaire by now if it were not for these little problems.
   I have also decided to curtail any criticism of government regulations. They are a foe beyond reckoning. Let me give you a brief example- I set down with a drink to play a game of chess on the PC. Naturally I set it to a pretty easy setting because I hate to have my pawns beaten up. Well, "someone" was remotely adjusting the difficulty setting. Talk about payback, the computer mopped the floor with me. By the time I had emptied a second glass of brandy, my men were pulverized. I was so dismayed that I had to take a nap. At once. That was just plain wrong and I think a waste of tax payer resources. How much did they have to pay to hire Kasparov to humiliate me?  I got a rematch coming with that dude...............
  There is another project in the works which I can only say is going to be kind of cool. I am having some custom software written that is going to make my life a whole lot easier. It will complete tedious, time consuming tasks automatically.  I have been searching for a program that can do this for some time, and it either does not exist or not even the 1% could afford it. But if I can make my own, it is going to be extremely useful. I will be installing it later today.  Crossing my fingers on this one.
  And finally, speaking of the 1%, I noticed that the largest minis company in the world is searching for a new CEO. They claim they hire based on attitude and not talent. Well let me tell you, they hit the jackpot. You would be hard pressed to find anyone with less talent and more attitude than me. I thought about applying but the commute would be a chore.
  In any event, have a great weekend folks, and keep grinning.


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  2. Great. Just when I decided to purchase some of your tanks, you pull them off of your store. Figures. Thanks for that. Got any spares left that you might sell anyway?