Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tax Time!

  Just wanted to share a video of my visit to the accountant. He filled me in on how the government feels about my little operation.


    Seriously, they do not even allow a saving throw. 

   So, time to pick up the pieces and buy some lottery tickets.

  I have a shot of the sprue that was designed by one of the artists I am working with.

  This is the figure I had printed 2 times. The first time it was the correct height, but of a slight build. It was correct, and not heroic.  The second time I increased it by 120% in scale and it was nice and chunky, but too tall. This final set has that bulky look we all have come to love in our minis. The gates supplying plastic to the parts is not added. The area around the parts is taken up by the parting and sealing areas.  2 guys per sprue with some head and weapon options.

  As soon as the weather gets warm enough I will venture in to the shop and have a go at this.  At this point a sane person would have given up, but I set a goal of making my own plastic people and it seems that at some time around the age of 90 I will have a blob of plastic on table that looks like something.

  Actually I am hoping this works out. I have gone over that parting line about 10 times looking for potential problem spots. The curved lines that weave about the edges have to be perfect or you get flash.  One tiny error and you are done.

  Will post an update if anything of interest shows up.

  In the meantime, have a nice winter.

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