Monday, May 21, 2012

Facing the Hydra- and the I.R.S.

  Just wanted to relate some thoughts.  I was looking out the door the other day and noticed a snake squirming about in the lawn by the pond. My stupid ducks were not attacking, so I picked up the pellet gun and tried to shoot it in the head. But it was hard to figure out where the head was, because it seemed to have several. Of course I figured it was a hydra, but it turned out to be a pile of snakes wrestling.  But snakes are not known as wrestlers, so I think they were attempting some obscene act of reproduction. There was no way this debauchery was going to be tolerated on my doorstep in broad day light.

  So I put down the pellet gun and grabbed a flat nose shovel and sneaked close. Then I hurled the shovel into that pile of perverts. At that point all hell broke loose and it became obvious that throwing my weapon was a poor tactic indeed.  All in all an exciting few minutes for sure.

  Which brings me to the IRS and various local and state government agencies. It seems that my attempt to comply with regulations has been very tough. The sheer number and complexity of forms and fees is more daunting than facing an army of hydras. At any point another head can appear from a previously unkown agency and deliver a painful bite up to and including life long incarceration and confiscation of all assets. Try as one might it is simply not possible to face this monster. And the more I read instructions the more it seems it might not be worth it.  Do I want to live in terror of the monsters chomping away and trying to destroy me?  Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but how can anyone know all the rules in our tax code?

  This seems really close to reality.

 This week was a lot of loose ends again getting ready for summer. Not much work getting done on new products, and I will focus on that a bit later.  I just have a lot of things to sort out for summer and getting ready for the normal work life.    I hope the hydra leaves me alone.

 This is a pic of some new volunteers who showed up and joined my store bought ducks. Here they are skirmishing in the driveway.  I think the fact I leave food outside for my ducks has these guys loving it around here. They eat a lot too.   I'll bet they never have to fill out tax forms..................

  Have a great Memorial Day week and weekend. If I escape from the monster I might make something new someday.


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