Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Starts

 Well it is another year. This year I once again am setting unrealistic personal and company goals.
  For my little plastic press, I want to develope the skills to make fully organic models. The sci fi sprue is still in the plotting stage, but it is very close to being ready to start cutting.
  Here is another of the figures and an optional helmet-
 Here are the extras to add a bit of variety to the weapon mix;

  The flamethrower gets a safety helmet if desired.  All of it is sculpted, I just need to lay out the sprue and cut the parting lines.  Plan is to fit 4 models per sprue.

  Doing organics is my main goal for the year. It has always been the final step in the process of learning to make stuff. 2011 was a year of trial and error. My 2 attempts at organic molds failed, one due to CNC problems and the other because the troll had an oversized stomach.  Failure is a strong motivation and it would be nice to finally start knocking out some 28mm multi-pose guys.
   This year is going to be focused on 28mm I think. It seems odd, but one of the main reactions to the 15mm stuff has been requests for the same stuff in 28mm or 6mm. I guess 15mm is the in between scale not well liked.  Looks like some resin stuff is in the works too. I will post more on that later.

   As far as personal goals- becoming the all-being master of time, space and dimension has proven harder than it sounds.  So I am dropping that one this year.  Maybe lose 4 or 5 ounces through diet and exercise. Also, I would like to paint that unit of  elf cavalry.  

  So here we go another year.  Let's all have a happy and prosperous one.

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  1. Well I like your 15mm stuff... my wife picked up all the building sprues for Xmas, and they're fun.